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  • I get an error 142 on opening Show Presenter
  • I have purchased the software but not received an email or registration key
  • we are not getting any replies to the email we send to you
  • WinAMP not found error message
  • How Do I Install Show Presenter
  • KeyChange Does Not Work
  • I get music playing but no lyrics show

    Question: I get an error 142 on opening Show Presenter
    On opening Show Presenter I get an Erorr 142 cannot save registration.

    Solution: This issue relates to all versions of Show Presenter below V3.00 running on the Vista operating system.

    Show Presenter below V3 will only work on Vista If User Account Control (UAC) is switched off, follow the instructions below to do this.

    Open control Panel / User Accounts


    In the right hand pain there is a link that says 'Turn User Account Control on or off' , Click this link and then untick the box in the next dialog box that is shown.

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    Question: I have purchased the software but not received an email or registration key
    I purchased the software by paypal or regsoft yesterday and have not received my registration key or email from you.

    Solution: Paypal Payments
    As soon as you purchase paypal will send you a confirmation email to the address you used for payment and our automated system will also send you an email with a link you can use to register the software. Please be aware that if you used a paypal account to pay (Not instant payment) then the email will have gone to your primary paypal email address.

    Regsoft Payments
    As soon as you purchase regsoft will send you a confirmation email to the address you used for payment giving full instructions for you to register the software.

    Due to the the sax in our address being taken as sex by some ISP's the email may well be in your Spam / Bulk mail folder.

    If in doubt use a yahoo account as they deliver mail direct to your inbox.

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    Question: we are not getting any replies to the email we send to you
    We have sent you lots of email over the last few days and have not received a single reply.


    All emails are replied to within 24 hours, some mail providers will not deliver our email to you due to the sax in out email address being taken as sex and there is nothing we can do about that.

    gmail users add to your contacts in the webmail interface, then send us another email and you will receive a reply. This has been proven to work by ourselves.

    Use a yahoo account to email us:
    Use this help desk:

    We will not chase around trying to contact you via other email addresses as it only takes a minute of your time to add us to your contacts in most webmail interfaces.

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    Question: WinAMP not found error message
    Winamp does not start when I start Show Presenter and when I try to play a selection I get a WinAMP not found error message.

    Solution: Please uninstall the version of Show Presenter you have installed and install the latest version from the downloads page of our website.

    The reason for this message is that on 64 bit computers the default install path for winamp is C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp. Show Presenter was by default set to start winamp from the path C:\Program Files\Winamp and so cannot find winamp to start it, unless you change the winamp path in options.

    You could stick with the version you have installed and download and run the utility on the link below to set the path to winamp correctly

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    Question: How Do I Install Show Presenter
    Is there a set routine for installing Show Presenter on my computer

    The installation does not have to follow a set routine but everything must be installed for Show Presenter to run correctly.

    1. Download Winamp and install it
    2. Download the MP3G plugin and install it
    3  Download Pacemaker and install it ( If you require keychanging capabilities)

    All the links to these are on the links page of our website

    Open winamp and right click on the winamp icon at the bottom of your screen, choose winamp/options/preferences.

    Once in preferences navigate to plugins/portables and uninstall all the portables showing ( This step is not actually required but if you have problems with external disks being accessesed by Winamp on startup then do this)

    Also make sure that under general that the following are set ( Not actually required unless you get slow startup issues)

    1. Show Splash off
    2. Internet connection none
    3. Check for newer versions off

    To enabled key changing navigate to DSP Effect under plugins and select pacemaker ( It will only be there if you installed it)

    Install Show Presenter ( If you use a different language windows than English then you will have to open options and set the winamp path otherwise Show Presenter will not know where winamp is to start it.

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    Question: KeyChange Does Not Work
    When I click the key up or down keys within Show Presenter nothing happens, can this be fixed


    [--- UPDATED: 16/11/2007 13:01:37 BY AGENT: Helpdesk Administrator ---]

    The keychange relies on the pacemaker plugin being installed.

    Please download the pacemaker plugin from the link on our website and enable it via Winamp/preferences/dsp effect, you need to select it inside that screen.
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    Question: I get music playing but no lyrics show
    I can play songs ok but I get no lyrics

    The lyrics are reliant on the MP3G plugin being installed, please download and install the MP3G plugin from the links page of our website and install it. Next time you start Show Presenter the lyrics should show.

    The problem could also be the fact the songs you have ripped from cd's have not been ripped to the correct format. We do not get involved in the ripping side so please refer to the likes of for ripping advise, songs should be ripped to MP3G.

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